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Couriers wanted for Albert Heijn Online in Amsterdam

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    Bedrijf: YoungCapital.
    Lots of freedom, a great salary and the opportunity to choose your own hours. Sounds good, right? Start now as a courier at Albert Heijn Online in Amsterdam.

    What are you going to do

    As a courier for Albert Heijn Online, you are the face of one of the most well-known supermarkets in The Netherlands. Your job is to deliver the groceries that customers ordered online all the way to their kitchen. Why? Because you’ll do everything in your power to make the customer happy. With a smile on your face and some friendly small talk you’ll bring all of your orders on time and at the right address.

    You work independently, which means that you have a lot of freedom, but you also carry responsibility for your own work. You’re always on the road and meet a lot of people on the way. And your working days? You can choose them yourself.

    Working hours
    The amount of days you will be working is almost entirely up to you. However, you should be available to work for a minimum of two days and a maximum of six days a week. You can also choose the time slot during which you would like to work. The morning slot is from 5am until 3pm and the afternoon slot is from 1pm until 11pm. Depending on the customer orders, you’ll be get scheduled for a shift within the time slot of your choice. An average shift takes around 6,5 hours.

    SalaryBut, most importantly, what do you get paid as a courier? Well, that depends on how old you are. But not to worry, you’ll get a raise after every birthday and also after 13 weeks of working for Albert Heijn Online. 

    18 years old: € 6,01, and after 13 weeks € 7,14
    19 years old: € 6,67, and after 13 weeks € 7,90
    20 years old: € 7,77, and after 13 weeks € 8,88
    21 years old: € 8,98, and after 13 weeks € 10,05
    22 years old: € 11,68, and after 13 weeks € 12,23

    Plus, if you work the afternoon slot, you’ll earn a little extra. After 10pm (and on national holidays) you get an allowance of 50 percent on top of your regular salary.

    So, are your driving skills just as good as Fernando’s in the video below and are looking for a well-paid (side-)job? Apply now!

    What we offer:

    • The opportunity to work at a well-known Dutch company;
    • An independent job with a lot of freedom;
    • The possibility to choose your own working days;
    • A great salary and fair working conditions;
    • From 10pm onwards an allowance of 50 percent on top of your regular salary!

    What we ask:

    • No minimum education required
    • You have a driver’s licence B and are able to pass a driving test in a small truck.
    • You are enthusiastic, energetic and customer-oriented;
    • You are available for at least six months for a minimum of two shifts a week.


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